Mrs. Suchitra Lohia


As one of the founders of Indorama Ventures PCL (IVL), Suchitra Lohia has played a hands-on role in the growth of the world’s leading intermediate petrochemicals manufacturer since its inception in 1990.

During her 20 year career, Suchitra has worked in various capacities at IVL and today is a member of the Board of Directors. Apart from her duties as a Director, she oversees the CSR activities of the company, playing a vital role in the integration of a culture of positive citizenship into the day-to-day operations at IVL.

Suchitra holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Delhi University, India. Suchitra has further pursued her education in business at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and completed the Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School. She is married to Mr. Aloke Lohia and has three children, Aradhana, Yash, and Anuj.

Our Objectives

The IVL Foundation (IVLF) was created to focus on philanthropic efforts and to ensure that our donations will achieve maximum impact in Thailand and globally. We look to support projects that can create a positive impact on someone’s life in a meaningful way concerning children, women and the environment.

IVLF has eight objectives:


To provide and support activities focused on improving the quality of life for the poor, the elderly, and the underprivileged


To provide scholarships and support educational activities to the underprivileged and the poor


To support the medical and public health activities for the underprivileged and the poor, including the development of medical profession and research


To promote sports activities for the well-being of society and cooperate with the relevant organizations in carrying out various sports related projects and activities


To prevent wildlife hunting and support conservation of nature and cooperate with relevant organization


To help the victims of natural disasters and perils


To proceed and/or cooperate with other charitable entities and/or other entities for charity and social objectives both in the Kingdom of Thailand and in any other country


not be involved with political activities of any kind.

With the success of past and ongoing projects, IVLF will continue its work to remove barriers that may prohibit marginalized people from accessing basic economic or social opportunities. We will continue to sustain a better environment for the next generation.

The Foundation does not reserve any funding for unsolicited external requests. IVLF will only consider requests for charitable organizations that are in line with its objectives.