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Center for Clean Energy at Plaksha University

About this project

Plaksha University, located in Mohali, Punjab, India, is renowned for its interdisciplinary and advanced technology programs spanning from undergraduate to Ph.D. levels.

With support from the IVL Foundation, Plaksha University has established a Center for Clean Energy. This initiative aims to lead India’s transition to clean energy through education and research. This center has a vision of steering India’s energy sector towards decarbonization, self-sufficiency, and grid security, thereby ensuring access to clean and secure energy for all.

A significant aspect of this collaboration involves transforming the Plaksha University campus into a “living lab,” enabling real-time testing and refinement of energy-efficient technologies. Currently, the center focuses on three primary research areas: Smart Homes, District Cooling with thermal storage, and Heat Mitigation of Urban Heat Islands (UHI).

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