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IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs 2022

(In partnership with Dext Technology Limited)

About this project

The IVL Foundation has supported Dext Technology Limited, an organization in Kumasi, Ghana, to provide students in Ghana with hands-on science activities in order to build their creative capacity, increase their interest in science and equip them with the 21st century skills since 2020.

In 2022, the IVL Foundation continues to support the IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs at another five underfunded schools in Ghana. Five Heads of schools and fifteen teachers have been trained to perform several hand-on practical STEM activities and they have passed on their knowledge to 300 students from upper primary school and junior high school. At the end of six-month period, students have performed several activities e.g., building a simple circuit, building a simple robot, building an irrigation system, learning about forces, and law of motion, etc. Each club from each school has showcased the inventions at an exhibition and quiz competition which took place on August 10.

 For more information on our project in 2020, please click here.

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