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IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs 2023

(In partnership with Dext Technology Limited)

About this project

The IVL Foundation has been supporting Dext Technology Limited, an organization in Kumasi, Ghana, in their efforts to provide hands-on science activities to students since 2020. The aim of this initiative is to enhance their creative capacity, foster their interest in science, and equip them with essential 21st century skills.

In early 2023, the IVL Foundation remains committed to supporting the IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs in 10 underfunded schools located in the Tema Metropolitan area and the Tema West district. These schools have been beneficiaries of the IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs project in both 2020 and 2022.

In April, a total of 33 teachers and six officers from these schools attended refresher training focused on the fundamentals of the Science Set. During these sessions, all participants were provided with a comprehensive overview of the project’s scope. Additionally, they engaged in various hands-on practical STEM activities, including digestive system model, excretory system model, simple circuit and basic electronics, transpiration in plants, filtration, respiratory system model, energy transformation, and simple motion.

The attendees will pass on this knowledge to students in their respective schools and continue the IVL Innovation and STEM Club’s activities with 60 students per school, over the course of six months. The club members aim to complete a total of 51 STEM activities. To showcase their progress and accomplishments, each club will participate in an exhibition scheduled to be held between July and August. This exhibition will provide an opportunity for the students to present their inventions and projects to a wider audience.

For more information on the project in 2020 and 2022, please click the links below.

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