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IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs

(In partnership with
Dext Technology Limited)

About this project

Dext Technology Limited is an organization in Kumasi, Ghana that develops and deploys innovative, user-friendly and affordable tools for the effective learning of basic Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Their main objective is to provide students with hands-on science, build their creative capacity, increase their interest in science and equip them with the skills for 21st century.

The IVL Foundation is supporting the IVL Innovation and STEM Clubs at five schools in Ghana. The 300 students from these five schools will be trained in the field of STEM through the Science Set, a highly scalable science laboratory, to become innovators, problem solvers, leaders and change makers. The students will perform a series of STEM based activities which will involve problem identification, simple research, problem solving, solution implementation and basic presentation.

Beside basic science experiments, students also applied this newfound knowledge in their daily life by creating electronic handwashing systems that use the footswitch to help tackle the spread of COVID-19 in their schools.

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