Environment and Community


Bangkok and Chonburi, Thailand

Raising the awareness of waste sorting and recyclable waste management

(In partnership with
Kasetsart University)

About this project

Kasetsart University (KU) was founded in 1943 as part of the evolution of agricultural education in Thailand. KU aims to provide ‘Knowledge of the Land’ to promote sustainable development in Thailand.

The Foundation collaborated with KU as part of its environment objective to raise public awareness on proper waste sorting and recyclable waste management via the following activities:

  1. Litter Trap Contest – Faculty of Fisheries

The winning litter trap design will be developed into a litter trap and it will be installed at the selected area to ensure that waste will not flow into water bodies. We are seizing this opportunity to raise public awareness about marine litter and how marine debris is very much relevant to our lives.

2. Data collection – KU Green Office 

The IVL Foundation donated 30 sets of waste bins to KU. KU Green Office is conducting a research and managing data collection on integrated waste management approach. KU Green Office developed an application platform for KU’s students and staff where they can track the amount of waste within the university and ensure its reduction.

Beside the two activities, the staff from Indorama Ventures’ Corporate Communications Department also conducted a session on waste separation and PET recycling for the students in Sriracha.

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