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Bangkok, Thailand

Dragonfly360 Wo=Men Summit

(In partnership with Dragonfly360)

About this project

Dragonfly is a regional platform designed to mobilize society towards gender equality in Asia by bringing together an action-oriented conscious community. Dragonfly aims to create an awakening by bringing the visibility to the issues that women face, when confronted with judgements, stereotypes and expectation based on gender.

IVL Foundation was one of the Impact Sponsors of the Dragonfly360 Wo=Men Summit, held on November 2, 2019 at Bangkok. The Summit was designed to awaken strength, courage and happiness in women through the power of storytelling, workshops, art installations, gourmet food and experiences that connected and empowered the community towards gender equality. Workshop touchpoints included entrepreneurship, leadership, humanitarian, legal, technology, environment, relationships, arts & culture, and beauty & wellness. Over 1,000 participants and speakers from all over the world participated in the Summit.

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