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Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Rayong and Lopburi, Thailand

Waste Management Project

About this project

The Waste Management Project was initiated by the IVL Foundation to promote public awareness on proper waste separation, disposal and the benefits of recycling of PET bottles as part of its conservation and environmental sustainability objective. The Foundation has been providing waste bins and cages for the proper collection of post-consumed PET plastic bottles to embassies, schools, medical centers/hospitals, temples and offices located in Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Rayong and Lopburi and created awareness through educational materials.

Since 2019, a total of 285 sets of three recycling bins and 95 cages were given to 96 organizations including 52 schools, nine embassies, 23 temples, two hospitals and ten workplaces. The Foundation hopes to improve society’s focus on responsible consumption and helps achieve a better tomorrow.




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